How to write a Research paper that will earn you a clean ‘A’

Excellence is the standard for any student looking for a bright future. Nobody wants to spend hard earned money on on tution fees and then come out with a “FAIL”.

Research writing is a prerequisite for those pursuing doctorate degrees and for those on assignments that are supposed to use findings from the research to make decisions. As daunting as it looks, research writing can be  done excellently.

First things first, you will have to do your due diligence as a student to determine what table of contents will make up your research paper. The internet is rich with all the information you need though as a point of caution; it is always advisable to consult scholarly versions.

It is the table of contents that will inform your  tools of research. Research comprises of primary data, secondary data and tertiary data. Primary data is information that you get directly from sources. It involves such activities as interviews, photography, observation and use of telephones as a means of getting first hand information.

Carrying out primary research requires the use of such gadgets as good cameras, that facilitate quality still photos and videos, telephones that enable communication from the interviewer to the interviewee and steno machines  that can help you record a lot of information in little time.

Stephanie in has explained, in detail, the different instruments of primary research. This is a good read for you as you start your research journey. It is a good place to keep referring to as you proceed with your research.

  1. Get the right tools

An affordable yet quality camera such as the one below is a good asset to have

This gadget will take clear pictures which make a good evidence for the observation you  make. Whats more, you will use it to catch and save those memorable moments that you will always cherish.

Good quality photos are a prerequisite for a good research paper as they can be referred to in the future and still give an accurate account of what was actually observed.

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2. Broaden your knowledge

Investing in a book on research that is detailed is very crucial. This acts as a guide to show you when you are deviating in any way. In as much as you are getting help from academic help websites, it is always good to have an academic source against which you can compare and contrast the work that has been submitted to you.

This book is a must have for students who are beginners. It gives a vivid picture of what is expected of you as a researcher. This is an e-book that comes in handy and is available at a very friendly price. It has been highly rated which should give you all the more confidence to invest in it.

We are concerned about your academic performance and would like to see you understanding the concepts you are learning at school despite our involvement in assisting you with your assignments.

As far as it goes, I have just scratched the surface in as far as the tools that are needed for you to achieve the much needed ‘A’, in your research assignment. I will be publishing more posts in this regard.

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