This amazing thing will happen when you play video games


Did you know that playing video games has been proven to be a beneficial activity for your free time?  Many are the  times that school coupled with other life obligations  can be very exhausting. School as an entity can cause a lot of stress while trying to grasp new concepts,  theories, formulas as well as catching up with course work  assessments and assignments.

The IQ (Intelligence Quotient) has been seen to be higher in children who interact with  certain video games than that of their counterparts who engage themselves in other activities. Video games require the players to be keen and attentive and over time their bodies adjust to these demands.

According to Psychology today, ” simply  playing such games increases the grey matter in the brain too, especially in the frontal areas associated with intelligence.”

Among the scientists that have conducted studies on this subject are those from the Florida State University. Findings from their study have shown that playing video games has a positive and direct relationship to the increase in IQ. Engaging in puzzles contributed to an improvement in “problem solving skills, spatial skills and persistence”.

We at care for your well being and recommend video games as a way of making use of your free time because it will help you relax whilst doing a favor to your brain. The most recommended are those involving puzzles or complex strategies.

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Video games were sometimes viewed as anti social but this view is not accurate because players have to look out for others so that they can have fun together. As with the  old adage goes ” All play and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, It is crucial for you as a student regardless of your age to take some time out and “have some play”.

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